Temple Beth David

“…For My House shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”
– Isaiah 56:7

Temple Beth David welcomes you!

Our Reform congregation is a caring, active, diverse and inclusive community that explores and experiences all aspects of Jewish life. Located in Westwood, MA, we serve towns across the Rt. 109 corridor.

We welcome families, singles and couples; mature and young, LGBTQ, interfaith, Jews by choice, and those seeking to learn more about Judaism.

We embrace all people and extend kavod – honor to people with different needs and abilities.

We invite you to join us in prayer, study, to socialize and learn. We offer activities and opportunities for all age groups and levels of participation.

Please join us!

Read more about us here.

All are welcome to rejoice as we celebrate together and welcome Shabbat. Learn more about Sukkot here and here.

Join us for Family Torah Study and Community Dinner.  RSVP here. Rejoice as we complete the cycle of Torah reading and begin again. We will open the Torah for all to see and welcome new students with a special Consecration blessing and their own mini Torah scrolls. Celebrate with a musical service followed by sweets and Israeli dancing.



“King David, Rogue or Jewish Hero” Join Rabbi Emeritus Hank Zoob to examine King David’s role in Jewish history.

Contact Rabbi Karen or Rabbi Micah to find out more.

Bring your lunch and a dessert to share. Bless the lulav and etrog. Study Talmud Tractate Sukkot; learn how to build a sukkah and what it means to dwell within.