Holidays and Festivals

The holidays and festivals of the Jewish year follow the path of the seasons:

In the fall, we welcome in the New Year of Rosh HaShanah, seek repentance and forgiveness on Yom Kippur, and celebrate the holidays of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

In the winter, we remember the victories of Chanukah and Purim as we joyfully celebrate in our own day.

In the spring, we celebrate the freedom of Passover, count the Omer and remember the giving of the Torah on Shavuot.

We hope you will join us at Temple Beth David as we mark the passage of time and the cycles of our seasons together.

Our new High Holiday prayer book set, Mishkan HaNefesh, is a companion to our Shabbat and Festival prayerbooks, Mishkan T’filahmore…

We look forward to welcoming in the New Year of 5778 using our new High Holiday prayerbook, Mishkan HaNefesh.

Service Schedule:
For more details about our schedule of holiday services, please see

Please note some service times have changed.  A reminder that for everyone’s safety, you must show your service ticket when you arrive. For more information about participation, tickets and membership, please contact the Temple office.  

Rejoice as we complete the cycle of Torah reading and begin again! We will open the Torah for all to see, and welcome new students to our Religious School with a special Consecration blessing and mini Torah scrolls. Sing and celebrate with a musical service followed by sweets and Israeli dancing. All ages are welcome! More information about dinner and rsvp here. Please rsvp by Wednesday, October 4th. Space is limited.

“Is This The Fast I Desire? Finding Meaning When We Aren’t Eating”
Join the rabbis for a study session on the meaning of our Yom Kippur fast (even if you are unable to fast), understandings of fasting in the Jewish tradition, and how the experience of hunger on Yom Kippur is meant to spur us into social action and alleviate suffering in our society. All are welcome.