TBD Congregational Needs Committee Meets in March and April to Prepare for Clergy Search

Temple Beth David has begun the process of searching for new clergy after Rabbi Jeffrey Wildstein and Cantorial Intern Rachel Reef Simpson depart in June of 2015. Rabbi Darryl Crystal will be joining us on July 1 as our interim Rabbi and an interim Cantor (not yet hired) is also planned for the coming year. The Board of Directors formed a Congregational Needs Committee (CNC) to work with the temple community and develop an understanding of our Congregants’ values and priorities that will guide the Clergy Search Committee. The CNC was formed in February of 2015 and was tasked to report to the Board in May of 2015. Members of the CNC include the Co-Chairs, Edythe Selles and Dan Weller, and David Wang, Gary Kaplan (Westwood), Anne Kupferschmid, David Lapp, Marcia Colagiovanni, Wendy Berliner, and our newest member, Ben Dubiner.

The CNC is seeking congregational input into the clergy search in two ways. First, a Survey (using Survey Monkey) will be released to all TBD members in the next one or two weeks. Second, the CNC will host subsequent live forums held in April and May. Questions in the survey are wide-ranging regarding the structure of the clergy and educator positions as well as the professional and personnel characteristics of the clergy. Questions related to religious practices, programming, and education are included. Questions regarding temple diversity and the engagement of interfaith couples and LGBTQ community members are included. The entire survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and it could be one of the most important efforts that individual congregants can provide to have their voices heard!

The CNC recognizes that it is critically important that congregants and staff feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with Committee members. The CNC is committed to treating all information received from surveys or private communications confidentially and with respect. CNC members will only communicate the substance of feedback, questions, and comments made by congregants and staff with the relevant Temple leaders, committees, or groups by keeping their original sources anonymous. Please contact any CNC member to convey your perspective on the future of the Temple and new clergy.