Lay Leadership

Temple Beth David’s lay leaders are devoted to our temple community and active in the life of our congregation.

Temple Beth David Executive Committee


Paul Greenberg

V.P. Religious Practices

Gary Kaplan (Westwood)

V.P. Education

Wendy Berliner

V.P. Administration

Howie Allen

V.P. Member Resources

Alana Sharenow


David Goldfisher

Financial Secretary

Lisa Fassberg Weller

Congregation Secretary

Lisa Altman

Immediate Past President

David Wang

Email to contact members of the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees.

Temple Beth David Board of Trustees

Amy Cook

Jeff Greenwald

Jeff Popper

Steven Ellis

Tim Holiner

Gary Shillin

Amy Fiorino

Mark Hornstein

Sondra Traister

Renee Goldberg

David Lapp

Rob Wasserman

Jim Grasfield

Alyson Miller

Dan Weller

Sandy Grasfield

Michael Perna