Search Committee Update from September Shofar

Over the past two months, our Committee has been busy drafting our application and we submitted it to the Conference of Congregational American Rabbis (CCAR) on August 17th. To date, we have received a number of resumes and expect to receive more after the Jewish Holidays. We already have one meeting scheduled and will continue to meet regularly to discuss the resumes and initial due diligence. We are pleased to report that we are on track with our schedule.

The second phase of the process will be to conduct Skype interviews with the most promising candidates. We anticipate beginning these interviews in October. Our Committee is almost done drafting the ‘script’ for these interviews as well as other documents needed to facilitate our review and analysis. After the Skype interviews, we will meet again to analyze the interviews and we will bring our top candidates to Temple Beth David for in-person interviews.

As we mentioned in an earlier communication, the candidates, their resumes and personal statements as well as any specific discussions are kept in strict confidence. Our candidates are only required to convey to the presidents of their congregations that they are entering placement. As such, our updates will be very general as to status.

As we continue to refine the questions for the on-site interviews, we will be seeking additional feedback from our Congregation. To that end, the Congregational Needs Committee is hosting a forum entitled Cultivate Our Future on September 20th. The purpose of this structured discussion is to allow members to share their ideas and comment on what Temple Beth David is looking for in our next Rabbi. Please mark your calendars and look for additional information on this very important event. We need your input!.

On behalf of the Rabbinic Search Committee, we thank you for your continued support as we continue on our path. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments.

Amy Cook and Lisa Fassberg Weller, Co-Chairs