Search Committee Update from November-December Shofar

The work of the Search Committee continues. We have been meeting very often over the past two months to review résumés, conduct Skype interviews and prepare for and conduct candidate visits.

As we reported in our email dated October 9, we are following a “rolling admissions” model in that we review résumés and personal statements as they are received, research candidates and, if we decide to continue, speak with candidates via Skype. Our decisions are guided by the results of the Congregational Needs Committee survey.

We have had two on-site visits, the first on October 16th-19th, and the second on October 25th-26th. During each visit, there were meetings with our clergy and staff, past Presidents, the Religious School Committee and the Religious Practices Committee.

The Board of Trustees and the Search Committee, along with their spouses/significant others, attended a Havdalah service led by the candidates followed by a dessert reception. The Search Committee also held an extensive interview and studied with the Rabbis.

With the conclusion of these two visits, the Search Committee will reconvene shortly to discuss the merits of our candidates and determine the next step (s) forward. Our work, guided by the Community Forums and feedback we have received from the community, must remain confidential. We recognize that the congregation is eager for more information and ask for your patience as we continue our due diligence and deliberations. We hope to schedule a congregational meeting soon.