Message from Temple President Regarding Rabbinic Search Committee

May 29, 2015
Announcement from Temple President, David Wang

I am pleased to announce the formation of Temple Beth David’s Rabbinic Search Committee. Our By-Laws require that the congregants in certain positions serve on this committee “Ex Officio” or by virtue of their office (designated with an *.) In addition, a large number of congregants expressed interest in participating, proving once again how dedicated our members are to Temple Beth David and its future.

It was not an easy task to select the remaining members. I was assisted in this process by the Co-chairs and by the Immediate Past President. Members of the committee were selected for their unique perspectives and connections to Temple as well as their personal and professional backgrounds. In the end, we could not choose everyone who expressed an interest so I apologize in advance to those that were not chosen.

The following is your committee:

Amy Cook
Lisa Fassberg Weller

Committee Members
Lisa Altman*
Liz Atkins
Jeff Doctoroff
Daron Forman
Sandy Grasfield
Paul Greenberg*
Simone Greenberg
Will Krasnow
David Lapp
John McNamara
Alana Sharenow*
David Wang*
Rosali Weiss

I have absolute confidence in each of these individuals’ commitment to the Temple and their shared obligation to serve all its members.

As the search process gets underway, we are committed to as much transparency as possible and keeping the congregation informed at every step along the way. To that end, we have set up a section on our website dedicated to information about the Rabbinic Transition. There you can find more information about the search, timelines, events, committee communications, etc. The site will be updated with new information as we move through the search. Currently the website contains information about the Interim Rabbi Search Committee and the Congregational Needs Committee, as well as information on this new committee and a broad timeline for the search process. (Please note we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the website which we are working hard to correct.)

The goal of the committee is to recommend a candidate to the Board of Trustees by next January/February. If the Board approves the recommendation of the Search Committee, the Board will then present that candidate to the congregation for election. The committee and the Board have no power to hire a Senior Rabbi. That power resides solely with the congregation.

Please join me in supporting the other members of this committee as we begin our sacred work.


David M. Wang, President