Religious School

“V’shinantam l’vanecha… And you shall teach them to your children.”

                                               (Deuteronomy 6:7)




Welcome to Temple Beth David’s

Religious School for the 2018-19 / 5779 year!

We are honored to introduce Temple Beth David’s educational mission and goals, the results of much research and work by our Religious School Committee and Rabbis.

Our Educational Mission:

Temple Beth David’s Religious School builds a foundation for Jewish learning and living, connects students to Jewish heritage, history, culture and tradition, and inspires students to add their perspective to the Jewish story, becoming active participants in Jewish community to make a difference in our world.

Our Goals:

Rabbis, educators, teachers, parents and community members are partners in supporting and guiding students:

  • To ask questions and express a sense of wonder
  • To engage in creative hands-on learning experiences
  • To participate and be included regardless of background and ability
  • To explore Torah and Jewish texts while interpreting Jewish tradition in meaningful and relevant ways
  • To celebrate the joyful cycle of Shabbat and chagim (Jewish holidays) in the synagogue and home
  • To gain understanding of the Hebrew language, experience tefilah (prayer), and develop a mindfulness of spirituality and God
  • To integrate Jewish values and mitzvot (sacred actions) into their lives
  • To pursue tzedakah (justice) and tikkun olam (care for our world)
  • To see themselves as part of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael (the people and land of Israel)
  • To build relationships with other students and their families
  • To learn with the generations of our community – L’dor vador
  • To reflect on and appreciate their growing Jewish identity
  • To continue learning into their adult years and connect with Jewish community

We hope this year will bring many meaningful moments of Jewish learning for your family and connections with your temple community. We look forward to exploring with you!


Rabbi Karen and Rabbi Micah Citrin

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Grades K-6

Grades 7-12


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Please see our handbook for more curriculum details. For ANY questions, contact Rabbi Karen Citrin, Director of Education Grades K-6, and Rabbi Micah Citrin, Director of Education Grades 7-12. You may also contact Vice President of Education Wendy Berliner.


We offer Jewish learning opportunities and temple connections for your family as well. Please give us a call or arrange a time to discuss in person. We look forward to meeting you.