Interim Rabbi Search Committee Update

In August, Temple Beth David began the search for an interim rabbi through the Central Conference of American Rabbis’ (CCAR) Placement office. The CCAR is the rabbinic arm of the Reform movement, and nearly all Reform rabbis seeking placement, interim or permanent, in a Reform congregation will go through the CCAR Placement Office.

As David Wang explained in the September/October Shofar (found at, the Interim Rabbi Search Committee (IRSC) is co-chaired by Amy Cook (Board member) and Lisa Fassberg Weller and is comprised of Temple members representing a wide spectrum of our community.  The committee members are Lisa Altman (VP Religious Practices), Pat Aronson (VP Education), Zelayna Rauch, Mark Beal and David Goldfisher.

We have received a number of resumes to date and initial Skype interviews are underway.  We hope to invite several candidates for on-site interviews and/or visit the candidates at their current congregation over the next few months.  In accordance with the procedures outlined in the Temple By-Laws, the Committee will recommend a candidate to the Board of Trustees, who will then vote to accept or reject the recommendation.  At that time, notice will be sent of a special congregational meeting where we will vote to accept or reject the candidate.  Barring any extenuating circumstances, the interim rabbi will begin on July 1, 2015.