“Kabel kol echad b’sever panim yafot (Receive every person with a pleasant countenance)”
(Pirkei Avot 1:15)

All are welcome…

We are glad to share that the Temple Beth David Inclusion Committee has been officially formed with the intent of making our synagogue an increasingly welcoming environment, and embracing people with different physical, mental, emotional and learning needs.  To achieve this goal we are applying to become participants in the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Program (RSIP), in conjunction with CJP.  The Committee consists of ten members of the congregation and our rabbis.  In an effort to keep the community fully informed, we will be sharing relevant information on the TBD website on an ongoing basis.

TBD Inclusion Committee at the Ruderman “Moving Your Inclusion Agenda Forward” program

Bonnie Wellins, Rabbi Karen Citrin, Sandy Grasfield (Temple Librarian), Wendy Berliner (VP of Education), David Wang (Co-Chair, Immediate Past President), Tim Holiner (Finance Committee & House Committee), Paul Greenberg (Temple President), Steven Ellis (Immediate Past VP of Administration), Connie Rizoli (Co-Chair), not pictured: Rebecca Handler Lubens, Phoebe Peabody (Co-Chair of the Religious School Committee), Rabbi Micah Citrin



a special Mi She-Berach of Inclusion from the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, written by Dr. Ruhama Weiss, Director of Blaustein Center for Pastoral Counseling at Hebrew Union College

2018 Make Me a Sanctuary & Come In, Rabbi Karen’s sermon during Jewish Disability Awareness Month