Caring Community

TBD is a caring community (“kehilla”); we strive to be a place of belonging, compassion and connection.  We seek to provide comfort by offering our members:

  • Rides to TBD for services and special events
  • Visits to patients in hospitals/rehabs
  • Visits to residents of assisted living/nursing homes
  • Meals prepared and delivered when ill
  • Condolence notes sent to families
  • Shiva visits

We are looking for volunteers to be an active part of our caring community!  Can you offer a ride to services to a home bound congregant? Deliver a meal to someone who is ill?  Write a quick note to someone who is recovering from an illness?  Please send an email if you’re interested in helping or finding out more information.

Are you in need of care?  Do you know someone who needs some help? A meal, a ride, a friendly phone call?  The TBD Caring Community wants to help!  Please let us know by contacting the Rabbis. Your confidentiality will be respected.