Me’ah – Adult Learners


Inspired, Intensive Learning for Adults of All Backgrounds.

Temple Beth David is proud to have  hosted three Me’ah classes that have met at the synagogue, and to be currently hosting a fourth class.

Me’ah (Hebrew for “100”)  takes you on a FASCINATING 100-hour journey (spread out over two years and four semesters)  through Jewish history.

The course follows the narrative of the Jewish people from ancient times to present. It refers to core texts and delves deeply into the history of four key eras-biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern- in order to build a foundation of knowledge and greater meaning about our Jewish heritage.

Your expert “tour guides” are top scholars from Hebrew College who will lead you through…

Year One:

  • The Hebrew Bible, the central text of ancient Israel and the foundational text for Judaism through the ages.
  • The Rabbinic Period, when new Jewish sages and rabbis developed a profound legal and religious way of life.

Year Two:

  • The Medieval Period, where we will consider the remarkable achievements of Jews living under Islamic or Christian rule.
  • The Modern Period, wherein differing ideological viewpoints mirror issues facing Jews from the 18th century to the present.

More Information About Me’ah

Me’ah (the Hebrew word for 100) is an outstanding program promoting excellence in adult Jewish education. Sponsored by Combined Jewish Philanthropies and run by Hebrew College, Me’ah brings world class scholars and teachers to the community to teach a sophisticated course in Jewish history and thought. The class lasts two years and encompasses 100 hours of learning. As it is taught in local synagogues and institutions, it is easier for members of the community to participate.

The classes are stimulating and academic, but also introduce students to patterns of Jewish thought and ritual tradition. The teaching and readings are at the level of what a student in college might experience in an introductory course on Judaism and the Jewish People; please see the FAQ for more. Those who have participated in Me’ah finish the class with an appreciation of the scope of Jewish history and life and are prepared to delve more deeply into a variety of Jewish subject material.