Adult B’Nai Mitzvah

Are you an adult interested in becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but have not yet had the chance? Are you committed to Jewish learning, community, and personal spiritual growth? Jewish tradition affirms that you can become bar/bat mitzvah, a person responsible for the commandments, at age thirteen and beyond. It is not too late.

A new group is forming with the rabbis this year after the High Holy Days. We welcome you to participate. Please contact Rabbi Karen if you are interested! If there is sufficient interest, the experience will include:

  • Participation in Introduction to Judaism or the equivalent
  • Active participation in Temple Beth David and Jewish home life
  • Beginning Hebrew reading and understanding
  • Commitment to monthly group study on topics such as: prayer/liturgy, Torah, mitzvot, God, and Jewish peoplehood
  • Individual study with Rabbi Karen or Rabbi Micah
  • Helping to lead a Shabbat morning service, reading or chanting of a Torah portion, and writing a d’var Torah, personal interpretation of a Torah portion